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Tools and Supplies:

Ok...so I don't really have a factory as one would picture a regular factory.  It is however air conditioned (at least now) and have enough power to run the tools that I need.  My only complaint about the shop is that the table that I have in there is a table that one would use to build a Cozy MK-IV and not an RV.  I made the table when I was going to be building a Cozy MK-IV so its a HUGE 12' x 4' table that has been leveled and shimmed to the point that it is a 'Known Level Surface'.  Scary when you think about it because the table took two weekends to build.

The tools are from Cleveland Aircraft. It is their RV tool kit minus the Rivet Gun and the "Slam Bam" dimple noise maker.  I bought the uber cool DRDT-2 from an RV builder in Tucson.  What a sweet piece of equipment.  I can dimple 24x7 and make a lot less noise.

This is a blurry shot of the tool kit laid out.  This was a cheap digital that never took great pictures.

Rivet Gun:  The rivet gun is an ATS 3x rivet gun that came in purple.  Woo Hoo!  /end sarcasm.  Jenni has a thing for purple and when I found out that ATS had designer colors I though that she would appreciate me thinking of her when I got the rivet gun.

Compressor:  I am using a 32 Gal compressor from Home Depot.  Spare me all the talk about how wonderful two stage oil compressors are.  I was not going to spend all my money on creature comforts (just some of it).  The tool gets the job done and I can put up with the occasional noise in the shop when it starts to re-fill.

Tool Box:  The tool box is from Cleveland too.  We saw it at Oshkosh and they had their RV kit all laid out really nice in the tool box and I mentioned that I would love to have that.  Jenni got it for me for Christmas.

The Shop:  That happens to be the 3rd bay of our 3 car garage.  What an excellent use of all this great space.  In the summer time the garage gets upwards of 110 - 120 without hesitation.  This really makes for some short days in the shop.  So I built a wall and installed an A/C unit with a box fan to circulate the air.


Here is a picture of the wall as it was going up.  You can also see the insulation in the garage door itself.  The garage door insulation is 1 1/2" thick foam.  For now I have a single 1" foam insulation for the wall.  There is also a layer of 6 mil plastic on the inside and outside of the wall.  I am probably going to add another piece of insulating foam to the outside of the wall just to make it a bit more insulated and reduce the load on the A/C unit.  This wall was built with re-selling the house in mind so it will come down easily if we decide to move.  There are a total of 6 screws in that top piece holding the structure to the house.  Filling in 6 screw holes is a lot easier than re-doing an entire ceiling.  The bottom piece is simply wedged between my 24" on center beams.  It worked out great and is actually very solid.

Cooling:  I am using a little window style A/C unit to cool the shop and a 20" box fan to circulate the air.

In this picture you can see the A/C unit and the DRDT-2 in the background.

I can get the shop down to anywhere around 85 - 90 degrees.  Which in Phoenix in the summer is wonderful.  The shop is comfortable and if I drink enough liquids - I can last 5 or 6 hours during the day in there.


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