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I got to thinking about the web site and how there is really nothing that talks about the rest of our family and what we are all about.  I made a website about the airplane but did not give the birds an opportunity to be seen.

Scarlet, Justice and Rowan are our African Grey’s, and are our children.  Harley is a Blue and Gold Macaw.  We have no plans to have kids because that is not our lifestyle.  The birds consume more than enough of our time because they are spoiled rotten.  They all have us wrapped around their cute little talons.

Anyone who is owned by birds can verify this comment because birds are by far one of the wisest creatures on the planet.  I have no doubt in my mind that the birds comprehend more than I possibly give them credit for.  In fact sometimes it is scary just how much they understand us.  They know when we are happy, sad, or mad; you name it.  They know when we are coming home because they start talking more and calling for us.  They always makes us feel better and they love and trust us unconditionally.

Scarlet was born June 10, 1996 and it kind of saddens me because she is always been my “Baby Scarlet”.  We know that with proper nutrition she will live another 40+ years.  Never in my life did I think that I could love such a sweet little creature like I love her.

In February 2005, Justice came to our family. he was born May 15, 2004 and he is super sweet and lovable too.  He is definitely daddy’s bird even though he was brought in so Jenni could have her own bird.  I feel guilty when I give kisses to one or hold one of them because the other one looks at me with a longing look like they are actually jealous.  I try to give them equal time and attention but for certain neither of them wants to let the other have their time.

Everyone asks if they talk and I am pretty sure that Scarlet’s vocabulary is beyond 120 words.  I forget some of the things that she knows.  Justice has built his vocabulary faster than I anticipated.   Of course he has a great teacher, Scarlet.

Here is Justice looking very cute.

In December 2006 we added a third member to our flock.  Her name is Harley and she was born September 1, 1998.  She is a Blue and Gold Macaw.  Her family couldn't take care of her any longer and had a newborn baby to care for.  Here is Harley waiting patiently for the fuselage to arrive one Saturday morning.

Here is Harley inspecting the handiwork of Van's quick build factory.

Wait!   It's not over yet.  We added a fourth member to our flock,  In August 2007 we adopted a Timneh African Grey.  His name is Rowan.  He was born March 12. 2006.  He has the personality of a needy baby - It's so cute.  He's definitely competing for daddy time whenever he gets the chance.  His vocabulary is amazing and he has learned probably 30 or 40 new words just since he came to live with us.  I thought Scarlet and Justice were quick learners, he has blown them all away.

Here is a picture of the "One Little - Two Little - Three Little Grey Birds" out in the aviary.  Talk about spoiled!  These birds get a bigger aviary than most people get for cubicles at work.

From Left to Right: Rowan, Justice on the manzanita perch and Scarlet on the rope ring.


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