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Here are my two ideas for mounting the Trio AP Servo. I saw at least one builder has mounted his servo on the spar and has been flying for a few years now without problems.  I wanted input from anyone (especially the tech counselors out there) about either idea – please tell me if you have concerns with either. I know all about the SafeAir1 kit and don’t see the need to spend $150 for something I could do myself (rib mount).

Idea #1 – Mount it to the spar as pictured below. Doublers would go on the forward face of the spar web similar to how our wing tie-down/aileron brackets are mounted. This takes advantage of the thicker material on the spar.  With the doublers installed it would be reinforced and function much like the aileron bellcrank reinforcements.  This is just outboard of the bay with the aileron bellcrank.

Idea #2 – Mount it to the ribs as pictured below (less the fingers). I would use some scrap L-brackets to reinforce the rib on the outboard side of the rib. This is the same bay as the aileron bellcrank.


Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. I know I asked this before but I neglected to include pictures and now that I have my tanks back from Evan Johnson, the wings are ready to be closed out and this is the last piece.


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