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What's New?

Bad News!!

I am going to say this only once - N696JS is no more! As a result of a breakup and subsequent divorce from Jenni, I had to sell the plane.  This unfortunate turn in my life is only a setback though.  I will find another plane with no ties to my ex-wife.

In the meantime, I am going to leave the site up in case anyone actually finds useful information from it.

The wings are done.  I just have a few other items to finish up on those.    The QB Fuselage arrived June 2007 and I have not had a whole lot of time to work on it.  I started taking classes again and that sort of slowed the project down quite a bit.

  • The Eggenfellner Subaru is the engine we are using - already bought it. It is completed and at the Factory.  See the Pictures here.
  • The panel is finally decided and we have all the components except the breakers, switches and the SL30.
  • Advanced Flight Systems is our EFIS of choice. We went with the dual screen 3500's. Super Great Service from Rob and Jenny.

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RV-7A information

Technical Specifications:
Wing Span 25 ft 0 in
Length 20 ft 4 in
Height 7 ft 10 in
Wing Area 121 sq ft
Empty Weight 1077 - 1130 lbs 
Gross Weight 1800 lbs
Wing Loading    14.8 lb/sq ft 
Power Loading   12.0 - 9.0 lb/hp  
Engine Eggenfellner Subaru
Propeller  Quinti/Sensenich
Fuel Capacity 42 US gal
Baggage 100 lbs


Here is a picture of our engine at the Egg Factory.
Note:  There has been a lot of talk about the Eggenfellner packages and people having concerns about them.  Two reports from Subaru flyers have really spurred some new life into the alternative engine community.  First comes from Lee Apaka and the other from Randy Crothers.  Lee flies an E-6 with the MT prop and is getting 180mph burning 8.0gph.  Randy is an STI owner who is closer to the sound barrier than most other RV drivers out there whether Lyc or Alternative.


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